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The Desert Ecosystem Engineering Journal (DEEJ) is an open access journal publishing original scientific and technical research articles on physical, biological and cultural aspects of aridsemi-arid, and desert environments. As a forum of multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue it addresses research on all aspects of arid environments and their past, present and future use.

Collaborator with the Scientific Association "Management and Control of Desert Areas of Iran"

 Language: Persian and English

Average review time for articles: 1 months

Review: Double-blind peer-review

Review duration: up to 4 months

Owner of the license: University of Kashan

Open Access: Yes

Publication format: in print; electronic

Journal short name: deej

Publication frequency: biannual

Journal Rank: B

Publication Ethics

The Journal follows COPE guidelines.

APC: 3,000,000 Iranian Rials (which is received after granting final acceptance to the article; it should be paid into account of Kashan Research Council; the Shaba number IR260100004001074303025304 in the name of Kashan University and enter 325120002140031639735100323000 in the payment ID field.Then, the image should be sent to the journal’s e-mail:


The members of the Editorial Board have a strict policy against plagiarism; hence, authors before sending their manuscript to the Journal should check the originality of the article by Irandak (plagiarism detection service) and upload the issued document in the Journal site. If the file is not enclosed or the document is incomplete, the article will not be reviewed and will be sent back to the author.


In case of queries, authors can send their messages either to Journal’s e-mails or to Journal’s Number: 09169569259

Journal’s e-mail:


The members of the Editorial Board have a strict policy against plagiarism; hence before sending the manuscript to the journal, the originality of the article should be checked by Irandak service. Later, if it is proved that an article has been founded on plagiarism, the author(s) will be blacklisted and the term “plagiarist(s)” with be written in front of the(ir) name(s).

Article Ownership

Authors whose articles are published by deej are the copyright owners.

Necessity of ORCID Code for Authors

Authors, after registering in  and receiving their personal ORCID code, should type it in at the time of on-line registration.

Necessity of Membership in Publons for Reviewers

  • Please after receiving the thank-you e-mail of the Journal for the review, forward this e-mail to
  • The guideline for registration in Publons is available in Reviewers’ Section.
Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 10 in English, October 2023 

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