Author = Ekhtesasi Mohammad Reza
Forecasting Drought in Arid Regions Using Global Climate Models: A Case Study of Yazd Province, Iran

Volume 10, Issue 32, December 2021, Pages 97-112


Zohreh Asadi; Mohammad Amin Asadi Zarch; Hoseini Seyed Zeynalabedin; Ekhtesasi Mohammad Reza

Investigating the Effects of Drought and Land-use Changes on Quantity and Quality of Groundwater Resources: A Case Study of Darab Plain

Volume 9, Issue 28, November 2020, Pages 89-102


Mohammad Amin Asadi; Fateme Jamnezhad; Mohammad Reza Ekhtesasi; Seyed Zeynalabedin Hosseini

Performance Evaluation of Detector Algorithms of Dust Storms in Arid Lands (Case Study: Yazd Province)

Volume 8, Issue 23, July 2019, Pages 85-105


Atefeh Jebali; Mohammad Zare; Mohammad Reza Ekhtesasi; Reza Jafari