analyzed and Survey of maximum temperature trend in Daryache-e-Namak basin



Temperature is an element of climate that it has changed during the time and affected other parameters with changing itself. So we can account it in category of the most affect of the climate parameter. The purpose of this study was analyzed trend of annual and seasonal maximum temperature during the past decades in the Daryache-e-Namak basin. So, the data of 14 Climatology stations that located in the study area during of 1969-2008 has been used. At first, the series were measured with using Joiner test for determine normal and abnormal distribution of the data then their homogeneity was assessed with using Run test. For choosing measurement's models and analyzing of the series trend was used Tr parametric test, Man Kendall nonparametric test and for prediction of tendency changes was used Holt method and Least square. The results of this study show that there was increasing trend in the most of the stations in the study area. So in the annual period, 8 stations follow increasing trend. Increase of the maximum temperature in Damaneh is more severe than elsewhere.