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Wind erosion is one of the important aspects of land degradation, especially in arid and semi-arid regions of the world. The use of a variety of environmentally friendly mulches is one of the methods used to reduce wind erosion and stabilize the sand.
This study aimed to investigate the possibility of using lignocellulose bagasse as an organic mulch to stabilize the sand.
This research was performed in a completely randomized design with three replications. The treatments used were nano-lignocellulose and micro lignocellulose and control treatment.
To evaluate the efficiency of these materials, shear strength was measured in the saturated and dry state and the data were analyzed by SPSS software.
 According to the results obtained in the saturated state of micro lignocellulose treatment (10 g/0.3m2) with double layer thickness with a shear strength of 13.6 kN/m2  and dry state nano-lignocellulose and liqueurs mixture (10 gr/0.3m2) with a thickness of two layers with a shear strength of 39 kN/m2 are in good and very good order, respectively. Therefore, it can be recommended that these types of mulch are tested in the natural field and, if they perform well, they can be used to stabilize the moving sands.
Type of Study: Research | Subject: Wind erosion
Received: 2020/03/21 | Accepted: 2020/06/11