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Effects of salt stress on growth characteristics and ion accumulation in saltwort plants (Seidlitziarosmarinus L.) (5807 Downloads)
Comparing qualitative soil indicators under two range management scenarios (case study: Chut Rangelands in Gonbadekavoos). (5045 Downloads)
Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in Islam Abad Aquifer and Land Allocation Optimization (3825 Downloads)
Study the effects Of Drought on Groundwater Resources using SPI Index (A Case Study: Kashan Plain) (3265 Downloads)
Effect of different treatments on the recovery characteristics of germination (3143 Downloads)
Climate change and dusty days in the west and southwest of Iran (3027 Downloads)
Investigating the performance of NDDI index for dust mapping of arid lands (Khuzestan Province) (2929 Downloads)
Application of network analysis process (ANP) in assessment of combating desertification alternatives (2750 Downloads)
Soil carbon sequestration potential in desert lands affected two species of Haloxylon aphyllum and Stipagrostis plumosa (Aran-o-Bidgol, Iran) (2706 Downloads)
Comparing the Capability of Sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery in Land Use and Land Cover Mapping Using Pixel-based and Object-based Classification Methods (2557 Downloads)
Comparing different land use change detection techniques at Dehloran desert area of Ilam province (2508 Downloads)
Effect of salinity on morphological and physiological characteristics of different ecotype of salad burent (Poterium sanguisorba L.) at the germination and vegetative stages (2467 Downloads)
Modeling and prediction of seasonal drought, using RDI index and time series models (Case study: Tehran synoptic station) (2338 Downloads)
Investigation of Temporal and Spatial Variation of Groundwater Quality and Quantity in Garmsar Plain (2225 Downloads)
The effects of exogenous application of glycine betain on growth and some physiological characteristics of Brossica napus under drought stress in field condition (2209 Downloads)
Changes in the salinity using remote sensing and GIS (Case study: South Khuzestan) (2148 Downloads)
Investigation of Artificial Neural Network performance in river flow forecasting (Case study Ghare Aghaj River Basin, Fars Province) (2086 Downloads)
Determination of some soil properties on distribution of vegetation types and Dorema ammoniacum and Rheum ribes in ranges of Baghedar region in Bafgh city (2077 Downloads)
Investigation morphology and sand dunes activity in different parts based on Lancaster index (Case stydy: Kashan Erg) (2063 Downloads)
The Assessment on Propagation Methods and Establishment of Astragalus podolobus Species in Arid Rangelands in North of Gonbad-e Qabus (2056 Downloads)
Use of Delphi Method and GIS in Site Selection Flood Water Spreading (2033 Downloads)
Drought monitoring by using of MODIS Satellite Images in Dry land(Case study: YAZD Rangelands) (1989 Downloads)
Investigation of the Desertification Potential Using IMDPA Model in Sistan Plain (Case Study: ZAHAK) (1952 Downloads)
Investigate dynamic and trend changes of vegetation on desert ecosystems (case study Jajarm region, North Khorasan) (1898 Downloads)
Assessment of some Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based models for groundwater quality prediction (case study: Garoo plain) (1864 Downloads)
Assessing the influence of plant species on wind erosion in arid regions: (a case study of the Sebri region of Sabzevar, Iran) (1841 Downloads)
Assessment of Drought Impact on Groundwater Resources Using SPI Index (Case study: Shahr-e-Babak Plain, Kerman Province) (1841 Downloads)
Effects of salinity and drought stress on germination two spices of (Agropyron elongatum, Agropyron desertrum) (1818 Downloads)
Investigation of Kashan Aquifer Situation Using Electric Resistance Method with Shelomberje Arrangement (1814 Downloads)
Change of storage coefficient and transmisivity of Aleshtar plain aquifer due to drought and groundwater overexploitation (1803 Downloads)
Comparison of climate change scenarios on the desertification hazard intensity and risk of Hablehroud basin, Tehran province (1759 Downloads)
The effect of physiographic factors on plant biodiversity of natural desert ecosystems in Kakhk Gonabad (1751 Downloads)
Review of Capability Landsat Data for Evaluating Land Cover Changes (Case Study: International Hamoun Wetland) (1717 Downloads)
Effect of water stress on the germination and seedling growth of three genotypes of rangeland species Agropyron trichophorum (1709 Downloads)
The effect of drought on vegetation using MODIS satellite Khorasan Razavi (1697 Downloads)
Assessing the vegetation trends in arid and semi-arid regions (Case study: Touran Protected Area) (1670 Downloads)
Determination of Relationship between Probability of Precipitation and Temperature Status and Provide their Zoning Map in Fars Province (1669 Downloads)
Assessing changes in plant species diversity along the salinity gradient (Case study: Incheh Borun rangelands) (1665 Downloads)
Effect of Flood Spreading on Soil Physico-Chemical Properties (Case Study: Barabad Region) (1628 Downloads)
The Severity of Wind Erosion Assessment in Ala Region of Semnan Using IRIFR.E. A Model (1618 Downloads)
Assessment of Desertification Intensity in Masjedsoleiman Area Using IMDPA Model (1617 Downloads)
Modelling and assessment of land degradation and EWSs of desertification (1608 Downloads)
Carbon storage potential in forest afforestations by Black Saxual (Haloxylon aphyllum) in a road edge (case study: Garmsar - Eyvanakey Highway) (1598 Downloads)
The Effect of Drought Stress Intensity and Stage on Agronomic Characteristics of Two Common Bean Cultivars (1592 Downloads)
Predicting the Land Use Change Using Markov- Cellular automata Model in Mehran Plain (1590 Downloads)
Investigatهon of some ecological characteristic of Salsola imbricata in Tabas area (1584 Downloads)
Multi-temporal changes detection of vegetation cover in Navah-Kooh semiarid forests using Remote Sensing (1975-2015) (1581 Downloads)
Statistical analysis the effect of rain water harvesting methods on reducing of flood and runoff in semi humid and semi-arid area of Iran ( the case study 9 watershed in Esfahan province) (1555 Downloads)
The investugayion of some drought resistance parameters in Calligonum (1532 Downloads)
Investigation of meteorological and agricultural drought trends in hyper-arid, arid and semi-arid regions of the world (1518 Downloads)
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